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Testimonial..."I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I'm enjoying your class.  You are the best teacher I've ever had."  E. Edwards, Phoenix, Arizona.

I am a trained and wise mediator.  The Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Conflict Resolution trained me to mediate civil cases for the Arizona courts. 

I can facilitate various types of civil, private and workplace dispute resolution cases.  Overall I have experience facilitating dispute resolutions for over 10 years.  My Mediation Services Include:  Dispute resolution, De-escalation of Conflict; Timeline Compliance; Prime Directives Mediation; Assistance with Negotiating and Defining Black and White Roles and Responsibilities  

Those interested in mediation services should contact Sharon Downing at (602) 763-6560 or at sharon@trigrowth.com

We train your staff the right-way, the first-time, every-time.  We are "Workforce Improvement Specialists".  We inspire, motivate and improve employee performance.  You tell us what you want and need your employees to achieve.  We do the research, create a custom curriculum, and we facilitate a successful staff training.  We have a long list of federal government, law enforcement and private sector business clients that continue to speak highly of our work.  We grow your staff from the inside out.  We get it...there can be no professional development without personal growth.  Impact America Educational Services is an established boutique training firm that was founded in 1996 by Ms. Sharon M. Downing. 

No "cookie-cutter approach" here!  We understand that your workplace has its own culture.  We understand that our professional development approach must fit your professional development needs.  You give us the scenario and we will create a working-solution.

Customizing training to fit your specific needs make perfect sense.  We realize that there can be no professional development without personal growth.  We develop your employees from the inside out.  

Our company is successful at making your company's training objectives successful.  We will shift your staff's mindsets and performance records from where they are to where you want them to be.  Our track record places us among the most respected staff development professionals nationally.   You can count on us...

We can also harmonize a hostile work environment.  Call us at (602) 763-6560

Hi I’m Sharon Downing, a training professional with 14+ years of experience in developing and directing over 60 customized leadership and non-leadership training initiatives nationwide. Organizations including government, Native American, private business, law enforcement, healthcare, educational, church and many more continue to benefit from my unique approach.  Allow me to do the same for you.

I have something to talk about..."The US Departments of Defense and Labor, and law enforcement agencies trust our professional knowledge, skills and abilities to develop and facilitate customized training for leaders, managers and mainline employees.  Call Sharon M. Downing at 602 763-6560 to schedule training.  You can trust us too..."

If you will allow me, I will teach your staff to put heart and soul into everything that they do.  Your workplace will become productive and healthy.

"We teach your employees the right-way, the first-time, every-time!"

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you!  Let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.  Call us at (602) 763-6560 or email Sharon Downing at sharon@trigrowth.com

Sharon Downing successfully completed 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training certification at a US Department of Justice designation training site.